Conor Fogerty

Boat Type: Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600
Sail Number: IRL 1471
Rating: 1.036
300 thousand +nm offshore sailing. Including 30 Transatlantic and 2 round the world's , one as skipper of Cardiff Clipper 05/06 round the world race. New to short handed sailing, Bam was winning boat in the 2 handed ISORA series 2015 and 6th overall. 
I'm keen to progress in the single handed sailing, and see this event as a great opportunity  to race against far more experienced single handed sailors, and perhaps nip at their heels!
Conor sailed "Bam" across the Atlantic to compete in the Carribean 600 Race where he won his Class, and the sailed the boat back to Ireland solo via the Azores. Keep track of him on his Facebook Page:

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