EXPEDITION FOODS to partner SORC in 2016

 03 June 2016





Expedition Foods become a supporting partner for SORC’s Iconic New Offshore Race


SORC Round the Rock Race – Sponsored by Virgin Media Business


The Solo Offshore Racing Club (SORC) is very pleased to announce Expedition Foods as a supporting partner to both the SORC 2016 season and the Round the Rock Race sponsored by Virgin Media Business.

Expedition Foods is proud to support the Solo Offshore Racing Club (SORC) with its freeze-dried food, a world-leading brand used by top sailors, rowers, endurance athletes and polar explorers, among others.  With a selection of 25 lightweight, high energy meals, sailors have a choice among vegetarian, gluten-free, chicken, beef and breakfast meals to provide the critical calories necessary to compete at a world class level.

"It's fantastic to have Expedition Foods on-board and supporting SORC and our solo skippers" details Nigel Colley (SORC Director). "Expedition Foods are providing all SORC skippers special discounts for purchasing any Expedition Food products during the 2016 season. Additionally, all our 50+ skippers participating in the Round the Rock Race will receive a complementary Expedition Food meal which I am sure will be well received and consumed !!"                  



Use discount code SORC15 to get your 15% discount when ordering


About Expedition Foods:

Established in 1995, Expedition Foods has been providing top quality freeze-dried meals to internationally acclaimed explorers, rowers, sailors, endurance athletes and mountaineers as well as campers, scouts, film crews, military personnel and rescue service teams all over the world.

Expedition Foods’ delicious light-weight meals provide the perfect nutrition for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.  Sold globally, Expedition Foods is recognised as one of the top brands of freeze-dried meals available in today’s market.  Manufactured in Britain, Expedition Foods is the expert in producing meals that retain all the nutrition of a perfectly balanced meal in a single, light-weight packet.  Our meals deliver the fuel and balanced nutrition required for the most gruelling of challenges; to summit our highest peaks, to row our oceans, and to traverse the remotest wildernesses on our planet.  Expedition Foods can be found at   www.expeditionfoods.com.

About SORC:

The principal objective of the Club is the promotion and organisation of Single Handed Yacht Racing. The Club can trace its roots back to the 2000 OSTAR where a small number of skippers formed a group called ‘Petit Bateau’. As the Club expanded in 2004 a limited company was formed and in 2009 the name was changed to SORC.

Today, the majority of our highly competitive races start and finish in the Solent Area but we do frequently go further afield to France, Ireland and other destinations.  Our race Programme in 2016 comprises 15 races over a total distance of 1328 miles and in 2015 our season featured forty solo skippers.  A number of our members have also completed in Oceanic races including the OSTAR, Transquadra, Mini-Transat, Round Britain and Ireland, AZAB, Global Ocean Race and others.


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