Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the race Category?

The Race is  Cat 2 under ISAF Regs 2013-2016. Both the skipper and  boat must meet Cat 2 safety standards. A Cat 2 safety checklist must be completed as part of the entry process.

Are AIS and PLB required?

Yes, both AIS Class B turned on and transmitting throughout the race and a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) are required. It is strongly recommended that the PLB is worn at all times while on deck.

What type of boat can race?

Any monohull  with a current IRC certificate and meeting Cat 2 ISAF Regs 2013-16

What are minimum stability requirements?

ISAF Cat 2 defines required minimum stability as,

IRC SSS Base value of not less than 28; or

a minimum STIX value of 32 and AVS not less than 130 - 0.002*m (Where “m” is the mass of the boat in the minimum operating condition as defined by ISO 12217-2.) 


Will there be Class splits?

Class splits will be determined nearer the start time.

What experience does the Skipper need?

Each skipper will need to have substantial short handed offshore experience, including solo days and nights at sea. At least some of this solo experience should be in the boat they intend to race. Their sailing CV must be submitted to the race organisers before being allowed to race.

When will SI's be published?

The Sailing Instructions (SI's) are now available: CLICK HERE to download

Is there a Risk Assessment for the Race?

Yes. We take consideration of the risk involved in this race seriously and we strongly advise you to read and understand our Safety Issue Race Assessment before you enter this race.

CLICK HERE to download the Risk Assessment document.

How can I follow the race?

Every yacht will be fitted with a Yellow Brick Tracker device. You can follow the race on the dedicated Yellow Brick race page and skippers can download fleet position reports via their satphones....


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Recent versions of Expedition have a YB Tracking option which requires this code: sorcrtr2016






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